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“Terahertz radiation can disrupt proteins in living cells”Jun. 2, 2020 RIKEN Research News “Terahertz surprises” February 2018 Nature Photonics volume 12 March 2018 pp.128-130 “Terahertz radiation probes polymers” August 2016 Chemical & Engineering News volume 94 Issue 33 pp.30-31 “Tuning in to

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“TECHNO FILE NEW WAVE” March 2009 JAL SKYWARD P.19 “OPTICAL COMMUNICATIONS: Difference-frequency generation steers terahertz beams quickly” September 2008 Laser Focus World “Teraherz Imaging the Wave of the Future” August 2008 Highlighting JAPAN through articles p.30-32 “Catching cancer in a different light -chemometrics