Journals (2015)

H.Suzuki, S.Ishii, C.Otani, H.Hoshina, “Low-frequency vibrations of polyamide-6 as a function of temperature and thermal history investigated by terahertz absorption spectroscopy”, European Polymer Journal, Vol. 67, PP 284-291, (2015) Du Haiwei, H.Hoshina, C.Otani, “THz generation from optical rectification tilted-pulse-front pumping

Invited Talks (2015)

C.Otani, “Terahertz spectroscopy and imaging applications”, Spain-Japan Joint Workshop on Millimeter-wave and Terahertz, Madrid, Spain, Mar. (2016) C.Otani, Y.Yamada, M.Yamashita, “Non-destructive evaluation of organic conducting polymer by ultrabroadband THz-IR-Vis spectroscopy”, Energy Materials Nanotechnology (EMN) Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China, Dec.